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Callaway Bathroom Remodeling is a master bathroom remodeling company in Elyria, OH. We offer top-notch services for affordable prices. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality service possible!

Elyria and the surrounding areas are served by Callaway Bathroom Remodeling with its amazing bath remodeling installation and repair services. They have years of experience and are very skilled at remodeling bathrooms. All of our bathroom remodeling contractors in Elyria, OH are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. To make your bathroom remodeling project a success, we use the latest equipment and highly trained professionals. Various bathroom remodeling services are available from us.

Have you thought about remodeling your bathroom? Callaway Bathroom Remodeling’ is the best decision you can make if you are tired of the look of your bathroom, tired of finding your dream bathroom on Pinterest, and ready to make a change. Providing full bath remodeling services to our customers in Elyria makes us the premier bathroom remodeling company. We can do any full bath remodeling project you would like. We have a wide variety of services, materials, and designs.

How We Can Help!

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured full bath remodeling contractor in Elyria, Ohio. We offer a wide range of services, which include:

Elyria, Ohio, and the surrounding areas can choose from many different full bath remodeling services that we provide. You can get a free estimate on all the services related to bathroom remodeling by calling us today.

Bath Tub Install

Have you considered replacing that old, dingy bathtub? We can help you with Callaway Bath Remodeling. Professionals should always handle tub installations as they can be tricky. Whether you need a bathroom remodel for your home or business, Callaway Bathroom Remodeling has just the professionals you need.

Shower Install

A new walk-in shower may be what you want instead of the tub. We can also help you with that! You pick the design and we will install the tile, glass, faucet, fixtures, and drain for you. Our team customizes and designs the best shower for you and executes the building efficiently and affordably.

Bathroom Update

Bathroom Remodeling Pros can update your bathroom completely, even if it seems impossible.
You can make it a reality in Elyria. No project is too big or too small for us. If you want to update your bathroom completely, we are the best bathroom remodeling contractor you can hire.

Flooring Update

Various flooring options are available for your bathroom at Callaway Bathroom Remodeling. Callaway Bathroom Remodeling offers many options and has the expertise to install them all, making it the most affordable solution for updating bathroom flooring.

Our experts are available to provide you with a free estimate for all master bath remodeling services. A master bath remodel will be discussed with you by one of our contractors after they visit your home. Let’s talk about how we can help today.

Primary Bathroom vs Master Bathroom

The term “primary bathroom” has replaced “master” due to the negative connotations associated with the latter. It is common knowledge among buyers and sellers of real estate that the word “master” connotes racial and misogynistic attitudes. The phrase “master bathroom” connotes an air of superiority and possession that is less than appealing in the twenty-first century.

Changing the name of the bathroom from “master” to “primary” is one way to dispel the negative connotation that has become attached to the original title. Homeowners avoid the master bathroom by renaming it the “primary bathroom.”

Primary Bathroom Remodeling in Elyria, OH

There is a solid reason why primary bathrooms are the ones that homeowners choose to renovate the most. Perhaps the first location you visit each morning when you wake up is the primary bathroom. If Mondays are particularly hard for you to get out of bed for, try starting each week in a fresh, clean environment.

A home with a newly renovated primary bathroom is much more appealing to buyers. Homeowners often invest the most money in the primary bathroom because they will be the ones using it most frequently. Transforming your primary bathroom may alter your outlook on the space, and give your house an edge over the competition if you ever decide to put it on the market.

Think about how you’ll be using the space before beginning any renovations in the primary bathroom. A claw-foot or whirlpool tub is often the focal point of a master bathroom, adding both style and functionality.

Master Bathroom Remodeling Services Design

Depending on your preferences, you may either take a long bath to relax in and forget about your problems, or you can choose to create a large new shower. The design of a primary bathroom may be improved with the addition of a free-standing soaker tub, high-end faucets, new cabinets, and ceramic tile flooring.

The primary bedroom usually serves as a model for the layout of the en suite bathroom. Bathrooms should all have a consistent look and feel throughout the house. Remodeling a primary bathroom sometimes involves installing two vanities and a sizable marble countertop.

One common solution is to install a double sink into a large countertop, which allows for simultaneous usage and provides an extra area for toiletries and other personal care items.

Master Bathroom Addition

It takes time and money to build a master bathroom. You may need to modify the current layout to accommodate amenities such as a jacuzzi tub and a walk-in shower. You’ll find your own enjoyment of the space increases, it will have more appeal to potential purchasers, and it simply gives you more space when getting ready in the mornings and winding down in the evenings. 

In terms of cost and value, it’s hard to determine exactly how much it will cost due to so many varying factors, but you can be assured that a home with a large and modern master bathroom will be very desirable. One study indicated that the addition of a bathroom boosted the value of a property by over 10%, which is significantly more than the value rise from adding a bedroom.

Master Bathroom Renovations

The final price tag for your bathroom expansion will depend on a variety of things, such as the materials you choose, the features you add, how long the project takes, and the condition of your home’s foundation. Most buyers choose to tile their whole bathroom floor, but if you want alternative flooring like heated flooring, wood-look tile, etc, you may have to pay extra. Fixtures, materials, and significant alterations to the bathroom’s layout are typically the most expensive aspects.

To acquire the look you desire without breaking the bank, you’ll need to weigh multiple factors when selecting your materials and fixtures. Your master bathroom, if designed and built properly, may be a beautiful sanctuary. With our assistance, you can design a beautiful layout before beginning construction. We help with the legwork to get the necessary permits so that the remodel goes smoothly.

We will collaborate with you to develop a plan that includes a list of requirements, a style board to help guide our design, and comprehensive drawings of the final result.

Callaway Bathroom Remodeling is confident not only in the quality of our work, but also in our efforts to satisfy and care for our clients, whether they want to bring the spa experience to their home or just modernize a decades-old bathroom. The choice to renovate any part of your house is a big one, and we get that.

Consider Your Options for Bathroom Remodels

Our expert designers will help you get the most out of your money by advising you on which trends in interior decoration are worth following and which you should ignore. This ensures that your property maintains its value over time. The best part is that our designers have the know-how and tools to provide you with renderings far in advance of construction. By putting your thoughts on paper, you may avoid wasting resources and time on ineffective plans.

The twenty-first century has been characterized by a shift toward more streamlined and centrally located in-house conveniences, such as basement gyms and home offices. As professionals who specialize in fusing the best of traditional architecture with the latest in modern conveniences, we find it fascinating to see luxury bathroom amenities making their way into more and more houses. Here are some of our favorite additions to a newly renovated bathroom:

Installing Heated Floors

Heated floors have been popular for some time, but that doesn’t mean you’ll find them in every bathroom. There is nothing that will ruin a relaxing spa experience than stepping out of a hot shower onto cold flooring, especially in the winter-especially up here in the north! After trying one, heated bathroom floors are an amenity you won’t want to live without.

Heated Towel Rack

We’re all familiar with the concept of a warming drawer in the kitchen; why not install one in the bathroom? Towels put in a warming drawer allow you to extend the relaxing effects of a shower rather than have it end suddenly.

New Technology in the Bathroom

It seems like there’s an app for that these days, and we have the brilliant creators of bathroom technology to thank for that. The water temperature in your shower, the warmth of your steam shower, and the brightness of your mirror lights can all be adjusted with the touch of a button on your smartphone. Also, you may watch television wherever you are in the house by installing a small screen into a vanity mirror.

Bathroom or Shower Speakers

Prepare to take your shower singing to a whole new level. Installing a water-resistant speaker in the bathroom can help those of us who enjoy listening to music as we unwind. Instead of trying to hear above the roar of the water, you can just instruct Alexa to play a certain playlist as you relax in the shower.

Shower Body Jets

Imagine having a completely immersive experience in the shower. No longer do you have to a warm side of your body and a cold side of your body. With surrounding body jets you can have a spa-like experience by turning on multiple jets in your shower.

Rainfall Shower Head

Rainfall shower heads are becoming more and more popular. Typically installed in the ceiling of your shower, this shower head is large and gives you an experience like you are standing in a rain shower. However, the water is warm and soothing. Rainfall shower heads can also be retrofitted with the correct fixture onto your existing wall-mounted plumbing.